The Puzzle Theory, and further thoughts about Stengths

The Puzzle Theory

When I was a sophomore in high school, I developed this theory about life. It came to me in a moment of clarity; I was journaling about some of the biggest lessons I had learned in life– and it just hit me. Life is a puzzle. A big, intricate, puzzle. And as you grow older, and go through life, you gain pieces to the puzzle; little bits of knowledge about life. You realize things, you learn from your mistakes. You level up! Puzzle pieces build on each other; just like lessons. Puzzle pieces connect to one another; just like life lessons.The thing about this puzzle is you don’t know what the puzzle is making, or how many pieces will be in it. Just like life, the puzzle is a big, scary question mark.

It probably sounds crazy;

It’s very Humanistic psychology; life as a process to “self-actualization”. Whether or not you agree with my puzzle theory, humor me a bit and keep reading— I promise I will get to my point—

Developing the Puzzle Theory was a puzzle piece in itself– in fact, it was a corner piece. To me, corner pieces in puzzles are the best. I always find the corner pieces first, because they literally frame the rest of the picture. Just like a corner piece, my puzzle theory allowed me to see life differently. In bad situations, I try to look for the lesson I learned, and build on that. Lord knows I have a lot more pieces to my puzzle– so many at times I can’t make out the big picture. I find consolation knowing that with each piece I will grow– grow into something, or someone, that is bigger than I am now.#NewDirections

Welcome to my brain.

One of my strengths on strengths quest was Connectedness. This strength talked about believing that all things connect; everything happens for a reason, all that kind of stuff. At first, I was skeptical about whether or not this really applied to me. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how ingrained “connectedness” is with my life. I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far without that piece of the puzzle! For me, connectedness manifests itself mostly in relationships, and people. People fascinate me– I love learning about individuals, and how they connect with each other, society etc.

After all, I am a Sociology major.

Lately I have been questioning my major, Sociology. After taking S371, Research Methods, I fell into a major #SophomoreSlump. I wasn’t sure if Sociology even made sense to study– I wasn’t sure if it was something that I could ever be good at. Strengths Quest, and my “Connectedness” strength changed that (it was indeed, an important puzzle piece I had been waiting for). It was the clarity I needed to be confident in my major, and understand more about my fascination with the subject material.

I hope that others found strengths as refreshing as  I did; I would love to talk about it sometime, and learn more about how each person experiences their strengths. I hope strengths continues to be a discussion, and we carry it into the summer with us (in a positive way, not like “Campus Legends Tour was not on my strengths quest”).

If you don’t like cheesy stuff, don’t read the following–

I have to give a shout out to my boyfriend, Wes, the most mysterious guy I’ve ever met. In the (almost) three years we’ve been dating, I’ve cherished each piece of his puzzle he has shared with me. I feel lucky each time I gain his trust.



5 thoughts on “The Puzzle Theory, and further thoughts about Stengths

  1. I absolutely LOVE your puzzle theory…it’s such an interesting way to look at life. How great is it that StrengthsQuest was able to tell you more about yourself if this respect. BTW, keep the hashtags coming 😉

  2. Puzzle Theory just sent me into philosophy overload… very awesome. Totally may steal your idea and not credit you when trying to impress someone in the future. Love your blogs, other than they really make me feel like I’m lost in my mind. Your writings are so clear and fully thought out. Great stuff #SeyMoron ‘s #ForTheWin

    • I’m glad you enjoyed “the puzzle theory”. I get in huge philosophical moods sometimes, which I embrace through blogging. Life is so much more fun when you look at it as a puzzle after all. Feel free to steal it, no credit needed!

      I appreciate your feedback about my blogs and writing. It makes me feel good that they are being read! I always enjoy your blogs as well, I often laugh out loud, especially your last post’s shout out to Velociraptor Awareness Day. Your writing style is very Henry Miller-esque– minute to minute, thought to thought. I really admire that creative style, and wish I was better at it! Also, I’m waiting for a nickname. Don’t feel weird about the shout outs either!!


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