Customer Service, Starbucks, and NSO

“A mission is something you strive to accomplish– a promise is something you are compelled to keep.”

Missions are finite. They have a beginning, and an end. A mission is kind of like a computer game. When I was little my family and I played this computer game called Centipede. I can remember our whole family crowding around the computer screen, yelling commands at the person playing the game. Our only motivation for playing the game was to complete the level; and once we completed that level, we closed that chapter– we had just one goal. Promises on the other hand, are continuous. They may have a beginning, but unlike a mission, you must constantly work on maintaining it. There is no definite goal, or finish line. Each moment you honor your promise, in a way you accomplish something.

The above quote gave me a lot to think about. How many times in my life am I motivated solely by an outcome, a product, or a finish line? How many times do I fail to appreciate the process of a situation? In fifty years from now, will I remember the grades I got, or the awards I achieved? Or will my fondest memories be of the classes I took, the projects I was interested in, and the friends I made in the process? I’m going to try my best to set more promises, and less goals. It can be easy to be motivated by the end of a work day, or a paycheck. However, I think having that mind set will challenge how much you really get out of this experience.

Anyway, to things more directly related to class this past Tuesday–


For Orientation, customer service and communication are essential–

I know its one of those over used points, but isn’t it funny how when we experience bad customer service, we tell just about everyone we know? I’m super guilty about this. When I experience bad customer service, I immediately whip my phone out, send a mass text to my usuals, and typically post it on twitter…. all within seconds of the interaction. As I have previously mentioned, I LOVE TO TALK– So, for me, the complaints don’t even end there. You better believe my roommates will here about it when I get home, my mother will here about it next time I talk to her, and I’ll re-hash the story to my father (even though I texted him about it already). Sometimes the story is re-incarnated months later, when I am visiting my grandparents, etc. The point is, negative impressions stay with people– but so can good experiences.

We want our guests to have the best experience possible. Luckily, our Oteam is more than well equipped to make this happen :)! The families and students who come through Orientation want to be treated special. Its our jobs to incorporate the FISH philosophy (Make their day, Choose your attitude, Be there, and Play) into their experience. For students, this isn’t just an Orientation into University…. its an Orientation into the campus community, and college life. Bloomington is going to be their home for the next four (or more) years, and its necessary for them to feel welcomed. One of the things I love so much about Orientation, is the impact it can make on students. When I returned to campus in the fall, I would often run into freshmen from my student groups. It was awesome to talk with them, and find out what clubs they had gotten involved in, or how they were liking their classes. I love knowing I helped them find their place in the community 🙂

Personal moment of the week–  I was IU

On a personal note, I would like to share my “moment of the week”. I volunteer at the IU Admissions office as a IU Chat team member. Basically, I call up highschool seniors who have been admitted to IU but have not yet committed to attending in the fall. I congradulate them on their acceptance to Indiana, and then casually ask them a few questions and remind them to send in their enrollment deposits. Anyhow, I was making a call to a girl, lets call her Kathy. So, when I phone Kathy, her mother answers. I recite “Hi, my name is Annie and I am a student ambassador for Indiana University. I was calling to congradulate Kathy on her admission to IU. May I please speak with her?” Kathy’s mother says to me “Yes, hold on please” (muffles receiver) “HEY KATHY, INDIANA UNIVERSITY IS ON THE PHONE FOR YOU”. Living example, of Melanie Payne’s “I am IU”! Made my whole week.



One thought on “Customer Service, Starbucks, and NSO

  1. Haha… “Indiana University is on the phone.” It’s true though, we experience this every summer. My personal favorite (sarcasm intended…) is during the summer when people tell us “Well, someone from orientation told me…” The odds of that person being from orientation are slim to none — but that’s not on them, that’s on us.

    I often find myself thinking about all of the people that I represent. Since I’ve started blogging I’ve grown exceptionally aware of it — I even created a disclaimer page, haha. We are always quick to talk about ourselves and how we want to represent ourselves, but there are so many people we represent on a daily basis. Sometimes… it can even get overwhelming to think about it.

    How do you think we balance the needs of others with the needs of ourselves?

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